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News & Upcoming Events

  • April 21, 2007: The John Gardner Festival and 9th Annual John Gardner Conference in Susquehanna, PA. Come one, come all, to a festival and scholarly conference in honor of the late great American writer, John Champlin Gardner! The festival is free. For the conference, a registration form is available at the John C. Gardner Appreciation Page.

  • Summer 2006: Grendel opera - Academy-Award wining composer Elliot Goldenthal and Tony-Award winning director Julie Taymor collaborate on Grendel, a ground-breaking operatic premiere inspired by the Beowulf legend. Grendel premiered in Los Angelos June 8 and will be part of the Lincoln Center Festival in New York July. The Lincoln Center Festival includes a symposium with Elliot Goldenthal, Julie Taymor, and co-librettist J. D. McClatchy.


  • October 2005, New Directions has reissued October Light with an introduction by Tom Bissell ($14.95 retail, ISBN 0-8112-1637-3). New Directions plans to reissue at least three other Gardner titles: The Sunlight Dialogues in the autumn of 2006, Nickel Mountain in the autumn of 2007, and another title, yet to be decided, in the autumn of 2008. Any input or feedback from Gardner fans and scholars would be appreciated - Contact Thomas Keith, Editor.

  • "Rediscovering John Gardner: A Moral Writer in Search of His Legacy" by David M. Stanton was published in the January/February 2005 issue of Poets & Writers -- unfortunately an online version of the article is not available.

  • Listen to an archived recording of the February 22 2005 NPR Weekend Edition report by Tom Vitale on the new biography by Barry Silesky, John Gardner: Literary Outlaw (Algonquin). Additionally, the NPR site includes a new "Reporter's Notebook" article by Bob Malesky about Gardner's radio ambitions, "The Great NPR Program You Never Heard."


Bibliographic Resources

Books by Gardner
Books about Gardner & His Work
Checklist of Secondary Sources
Miscellany Online
Gardner's Theatrical Works (compiled by Jan Quackenbush)


Library Special Collections

Register of the John Gardner Archive, containing manuscripts, etc., at the Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester. The archive description, part of a Special Collections page, includes a fascimile of the cover of Gardner's DuPauw University journal.

Folders 43-47 of the Nicholas Joost Papers (containing correspondence in Box 1) at the Lauinger Library's Special Collections, Georgetown University.

Folders 50-52 of the Kenneth Aguillard Atchity Collection (containing correspondance in Box 4) at the Lauinger Library's Special Collections, Georgetown University.


Latest Books

Barry Silesky's biography John Gardner: Literary Outlaw was published in January, 2004 by Algonquin Books.

Susan Thornton's memoir On Broken Glass: Loving and Losing John Gardner was published October, 2000 by Carroll & Graf.

A limited edition of Gardner's poem "The Thistle" is available in a broadside edition. The non-profit John C. Gardner Appreciation page has ordering information.

Lies! Lies! Lies!, the journal Gardner kept at DuPauw U, is now available in hardcover and paperback editions. Both feature fascimiles of the original, handwritten entries as well typeset transcriptions. Ordering information is available at the non-profit John C. Gardner Appreciation Page.


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Dragon design by Don Carmichael; Proceeds benefit the John Gardner Society, a non-profit organization sponsoring the Annual John Gardner Conference and the Annual John Gardner Festival.

Gardner Web Ring

The John C. Gardner Appreciation Page

Based in Batavia, NY (Gardner's hometown), sponsored by the John Gardner Society; Annual John Gardner Festival and Annual John Gardner Conference info, photos, and rare full-length online texts.

Specters & Salvation

Tom Fasano's site, featuring biographical information and excerpts from several of Gardner's most-praised novels as well as a discussion mailing list.

An Index to John Gardner's Grendel

Tom Murphy's site contains not only an index, but annotated terms, study questions, Grendel links, and "The Grendel Board" for discussion.

Yahoo! Clubs: johngardner · John Gardner - The Author of Grendel, Mickelsson's Ghosts, etc.

Ron Criss created this group "to provide a place for casual discussion of the works and life of the novelist John Gardner.

Yahoo! Clubs: jcgardner · John Gardner Discussion List

Adam Walter's Gardner discussion group and mailing list.